Thursday, 3 January 2013

Yoram Eliyahu: Real Estate Investment Tips

As an extremely successful commercial real estate investor and developer, Yoram Eliyahu is often asked for advice from those looking to replicate his success. Every person’s experience in real estate investing will be different. Furthermore, changes in the industry mean that cookie-cutter formulas will not work. However, there are some basic tips he can share for those looking to get started in the world of real estate investing.

First, you need to understand the difference between speculating and investing. Speculating is often buying a chunk of land or other property in the hopes that it will rise in value and you can sell it at a profit. Some people do very well in this game. Speculating is risky, and requires both patience and a deep understanding of the area you are buying into. Some factors to consider when choosing a speculative property are the value of nearby areas, the current new building rate and the direction of growth. For example, are new homes and businesses being built on the side of town where you want to buy? You also need to consider how long you can afford to have your money tied up in a property waiting for it to grow in value.

Investing involves making a real estate purchase that will allow you to collect income immediately or very soon. For a small-scale investor, this would be something like buying an older home at a deal because it is in need of cosmetic repair, fixing it up, and then renting it at a rate that covers your expenses and provides a profit. Buying land on which you plan to develop and then rent out immediately is also investing. Yoram Eliyahu favors this method because any further appreciation in the value of the property is icing on the cake. You also do not have to wait to sell in order to see a profit.

Do Your Homework

The most important piece of advice Yoram Eliyahu can give to prospective investors is to do your homework. Look into the current rental rates in the area to ensure the price you need to charge can be supported by the local market. If you plan to do improvements yourself, make sure you are aware of local permit laws. Before buying into a development, Yoram suggests you carefully price the cost of labor, materials, and other expenses that can easily balloon out of control and destroy your profits.He makes sure his business practices fall into line with his personal values and he urges investors to keep the good of the community in mind as well. 

Yoram Eliyahu: Good Works Through Real Estate

Yoram Eliyahu enjoys how his work as a real estate developer allows him to be successful in his personal life while benefiting communities. In his personal life, Yoram and his large family engage in work that helps the communities around them.They pack and deliver boxes of food to local residents in need through Chabad houses. However,Yoram does not separate his professional life from his personal life. He seeks to do good works in every aspect of his life.

Well known for his real estate developments, Yoram’s investments include Miami hotels, and apartments that serve as housing for Manhattan and Brooklyn college students. His hope for each investment is that they strengthen the surrounding area. It is not enough to profit forhimself, he wants his properties to enhance their neighborhoods and be an asset to the area. Upholding his personal beliefs in his business practices is a source of great satisfaction for Yoram.He takes joy in knowing his hard work benefits so many people.

His vast experience in real estate development projects that better communities also benefit the Jewish community. He is proud of his Jewish heritage and is active in promoting the preservation of Jewish culture. Through strategic investments in Israel and the United States, he is able to use his business to encourage the values that guide him. YoramEliyahu is passionate about helping others, valuing family, and celebrating the rich Jewish culture. He uses every tool available to him, including business know-how, in order to encourage those values in others.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Family man Yoram Eliyahu knows that the next generation is of utmost importance. Through business endeavors such as building of a state-of-the-art new wing for a local high school, he gives from his heart to benefit young people. He supports causes in Israel and New York, which teach traditional values of service and family to Jewish children. Yoram’s focus is on making sure his business practices match his personal life to serve the people around him.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

YoramEliyahu - Feed Local Chabad Work

YoramEliyahu believes that our choices affect people around us,regardless of our intentions. The Torah teaches that one’s income is only partly ours. It is meant to not just meet our own needs, but to serve the needs of others. We have a moral obligation to care for each other. This belief compels Yoram to do good works in his immediate community, nearby communities, and throughout the world. He does so through his business practices, charitable giving, and by getting himself and his family out on the streets helping others.

Yoram has contributedto many causes. He donated funds to help rebuild the synagogue in his Israeli hometown when it was destroyed by missile fire. Additionally, in order to encourage the people and meet their spiritual needs, he commissioned aSefer Torah and ensured its safe delivery to the town. Closer to his current home in New York, Yoramgave generously to the building of a state-of-the-art new wing to the North Shore Hebrew Academy’s high school. He also commissioned a Sefer Torah for their facility. Yoram does these things because he feels blessed by the success he had had as a commercial real estate developer. He wants to share that blessing with others while encouraging the teaching of values that instruct others to do the same.

One of the projects dearest to his heart is the workChabad houses near him do in his community and in neighboring communities. Not content to just help with the charitable works of his local Chabad, Yoram also assists a nearby Chabad in a less affluent neighborhood. Through the Chabad, he raises funds to assist the needy. However, giving money is not enough. He believes it is essential to do personal work as well. He and his family help with projects such as creating boxes of food to distribute to families in need during the holidays. YoramEliyahu and his children then help deliver these gifts door to door, in person.

Jewish Activism

YoramEliyahu believes that preserving traditional Jewish culture and teaching the ancient ways is very important. This is why he has given to his hometown synagogue, commissioned the creation of two Sefer Torah, and gives to the yeshiva in his community. As a child, Yoramenjoyed growing up in a large, traditional family in Israel. As a young adult, he found comfort and purpose from the holiday ceremonies and fun activities provided by Chabad. When he immigrated to the United States, he again found community in Chabad. Now he wants others to experience those special things.Heconducts his business and personal life in a way that serves others and affirms faith and family.