Monday, 31 December 2012

Yoram Eliyahu: Value of Education

YoramEliyahu considers education one of the most vital tools in life. His commitment to education stems from personal experience in how it benefitted him. His work with Chabad also strengthened his love of education. The word “Chabad” is an acronym of the Hebrew words for wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. These attributes are highly valued in this Jewish tradition, and must be cultivated through a strong education. As such, Yoram supports local schools efforts toward teaching the next generation.

Yoramfinds the North Shore Hebrew Academy in Great Neck, New York particularly important. This school has benefited from much of Yoram’s philanthropic work. It is also the school his children attend. The school is a modern yeshiva thatteachsprechool through high school.  The elementary school was founded in 1954 and has offered an excellent foundational education to several generations.
In 2001, North Shore Hebrew Academy opened a high school campus. This campus proved to be extremely popular thanks to its award-winning science, engineering, and writing programs.  Students at the school have earned awards in the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, Advanced Placement awards, and Scholastic Art and Writing awards. They have also been finalists and semifinalists in the Intel Science Talent Search. Additionally, they are highly competitive in areas of Hebrew study such as the regional ChidonTanach Competition, the Yeshiva University Stock Market Competition, and the Holland & Knight National Holocaust Essay Contest.

Within a few years, the high school had grown so much that they needed to build a new wing.  In 2006 they completed construction on a state-of-the-art new wing to continue their tradition of excellence.  In addition to contributing to the building fund, Yoram Eliyahu commissioned the crafting of a Sefer Torah for the school. The Sefer Torah is currently in use in the North Shore Hebrew Academy High School.

Community Service

Another thing Yoram Eliyahu values about education is its ability to broaden horizons. Heis pleased that the North Shore Hebrew Academy offers many travel opportunities to students in the upper grades. Each high school senior is encouraged to take a trip to Israel and Poland through the March of the Living program. This is a special opportunity for the Jewish students to see and experience their history firsthand. Yoram finds it particularly meaningful because Israel is also where he was born and grew up. He is glad to see students discover how culturally rich his home country is.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Yoram Eliyahu: Early Life

Yoram Eliyahu’s early life helpedhim become the man he is today.  He was born in the small town of Kirat-Shmona, in the mountains of northern Israel. Yoram’s father was a construction worker who taught him the value of a strong work ethic. As one of five siblings, Yoram enjoyed childhood in a big family that worked hard and loved each other. Today he is pleased to carry on the meaningful traditions he grew up with.

Growing up in this small town gave him a special sense of community. Not long ago, he learned that Kirat-Shmona’s synagogue had been badly damaged by missile fire during Israel’s 2006 conflict with Lebanon. As a successful real estate investor, Yoram was in a unique position to help. Though he was living in the U.S., he immediately sent funds to his hometown to help rebuild the synagogue. He also commissioned the creation of a new Sefer Torah, a handwritten copy of the sacred scriptures. Once the Sefer Torah was completed, he took greats pains to ensure that it was delivered safely to its new home. The Sefer Torah is a source of pride in the community and is still in use today.

When he was 14, Yoram’s parents sent him to Bezek High School. At this boarding school he had the opportunity to benefit from the curriculum’s focus on electronics and communication. After graduation, he attained a two-year degree in in sub-engineering. Next it was time for him to serve his mandatory three-year term in the Israeli military. It was here that he first encountered Chabad. As a solider far from home during the holidays, his spirits were liftedby the organization, which helps soldiers celebrate traditional Jewish holidays. Meals with the organization’s members were a special time. YoramEliyahu and his fellow soldiers enjoyed the celebrations and rituals the organization hosted.

Big Move

After his military service, Yoram Eliyahu moved to the United States. He carried with him all the lessons he learned at home. He sought out a local Chabad and continues to enjoy being part of the community he found there. After a few entry-level jobs, Yoram began work with a real estate company. He began with a sales position and then worked his way up to become a successful independent commercial real estate developer. Yoram manages property in Florida, New York, and Israel, striving in all places to enhance communities.

Yoram Eliyahu: Tips for Real Estate Buyers

YoramEliyahu knows that right now is a wonderful time to invest in real estate. As with any investment, the goal is to buy low and sell high, and right now real estate prices are low. The signs of rising prices are all apparent: foreclosure rates are down several months in a row, new construction is up, and home sale prices rose slightly last summer over the summer before. Immediately after the real estate crash which began around 2007 and extended for several years, investors were reluctant to buy distressed properties because it was unclear how much farther prices would plummet. Now prices have evened out for a few years and are starting to increase in several key markets. The signs are clear: recovery is growing and now is the time to start investing if you have not already.

Getting started depends on your goals. Let’s start with rental homes, an area many beginning investors begin with. Now is an optimal time to start investing in rental properties. When investing in rental property, the most common strategy is to buy a home and rent it out at a rate that covers your expenses.Once the home is paid off, the rent becomes profit. The benefit of buying rental property when prices are low is that you do not have to wait until the home is entirely paid off to profit. As the market continues to rebound, rental rates will also rise and you profit from the difference between the increased rental rates and low mortgage. Or, you can sell the house when real estate prices increase and make a profit on the home. 

Another option is joining a real estate investment group. If you do not want to be a landlord who must deal with the needs of tenants, a real estate investment group may be the perfect choice for you. In this scenario, a company buys or builds condos or apartments and allows investors to buy them through the company. Usually individual investors have the option of buying just one unit or multiple units. Instead of having alandlord, the investment group manages all the units as one block. The company charges a small percentage of the monthly rent to pay for this service, but it frees you up to spend your time elsewhere.Many investors likeYoramEliyahu find this valuable.

Choosing Well
Yoram Eliyahu suggests looking into all your options before making your final choice. There are other investments available, such as REITs, which you may find work well for you. Headvises new investors to take careful stock of their finances and begin by investing a comfortable amount. Once you get your feet wet you may findthat diving in feels great!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Yoram Eliyahu: Rebuilding the Hometown Synagogue

Yoram Eliyahu is passionate about doing good works in his chosen home in the United States and his hometown of Kirat-Shmona, Israel. His hometown is a small one near the border of Lebanon. When Hezbollah forces from Lebanon attacked Israel in 2006, the small town suffered damage. When Yoram found out about the destruction and devastation that occurred there, he knew he had to help.

The synagogue in Kirat-Shmona had been badly damaged by missile fire, and the Torah it housed had been destroyed as well. Yoram contributed financially to the rebuilding of the synagogue. He did so because his faith is important to him, and because he knew firsthand how important the synagogue was to the community. He wanted to honor the place of his birth, where he was raised to appreciate traditional values.

But Yoram felt that the damage went beyond just the physical building. What was destroyed could be repaired, but never fully replaced. He wanted to find a way to restore a feeling of hope and pride in his community. When he heard about the destroyed Torah, he knew that replacing it would help boost morale. He did careful research to find a skilled sofer to write the new Torah on the special gevilparchment paper. Yoramthen commissioned the new Torah to be created.

Once the painstaking work was finished, there was the matter of delivering the sacred scroll to Kirat-Shmona. Writing a Sefer Torah takes as long as a year and a half, and includes hand lettering each of the 304,805 Hebrew letters that make up its text. Any error made during the transcription process may render the Sefer Torah invalid. So, the safety of this completed sacred scroll was extremely important. To ensure its safe delivery to Kirat-Shmona despite the unrest in the area, Yoram Eliyahu did everything possible to ensure its safe delivery to the rebuilt synagogue. This special Sefer Torah is still in use today.

Yoram Eliyahu: Community Leader

While some may not understand the significance of this deed, YoramEliyahu knew it was vital to the recovery of his hometown. He believes that faith is a vital force in any community. Time and money spent to honor one’s past and present leaders is time and money well spent. He desires to model what is truly important in life, including meeting the physical and emotional needs one sees in others. Yoram strives to be a community leader who inspires others to help where they are able. 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Yoram Eliyahu: Investing in Distressed Properties

YoramEliyahu knows that “flipping” properties, or buying them and selling quickly for a profit, used to be very popular form of investment. Today the quick flip is not as easy to pull off, but there are still many opportunities to invest in distressed properties. The spoils go to those who are patient and make careful investments with the long term in mind.

Small-scale investors are finding the home market to be a great place to make a medium to long-term investment. Home prices are still quite low, but they are starting to slowly rise in many areas of the country. Now is a good time to invest in real estateas it is unlikely that home values will go lower. Now could be a great time to consider purchasing a home to use as rental property. You can begin by renting it out now at a price that will cover your expensive such as mortgage, taxes, and possible future repairs. In the long run, as home values and average rental rates increase, you can raise rent and begin to profit or sell the home for a profit.

Commercial real estate brokers are also keeping an eye on distressed properties. The key here is an instinct for what might be the next big thing. Bryant Park in New York City is a great example. Investors purchased buildings in this once rundown and unpopular area, and invested heavily in renovating the rundown buildings. Word spread that great spaces could be rented for less than that of their nearby counterparts, and the popularity of Bryant Park began to grow. Now, about nine years after renovations first began, Yoram Eliyahu and his contemporaries are pleased to see that the area is thriving.

The Value ofIntuition

While an area like Bryant Park may seem like a lucky hit, Yoram Eliyahu says that its transformation can happen anywhere. Looking at the market with an eye to what is nearby already-popular spots can help make your investment a success. Use your intuition to see what the need is in an area, and fill that need. Additionally, your investment can create a positive in the community, such as revitalizing a run-down area.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Yoram Eliyahu: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Yoram Eliyahu has come a long wayfrom the tiny town of Kirat-Shmona, Israel, where he was raised. But, despite his success in the United States, he has never lost the connection with his humble roots. One of the things he finds so rewarding about his career as a real estate developer is that it allows him to contribute to charitable causes in the United States and in his hometown.

After earning a sub engineering degree, he completing his three years of obligatory service in the Israeli army. Yoram then immigrated to the United States. He took several entry-level jobs, looking for something that sparked his interests and would allow him to move up the ladder. He began working at a real estate company, learned the ropes, and began working his way up.This lead him to become the successful commercial real estate developer he is today. Mr. Eliyahu credits his family upbringing and his faith for his success.These influences also compel him to give back to the communities who have made him who he is today.

When his hometown suffered devastating destruction during the Lebanon War of 2006, Yoram knew he had to help. Instead of simply donating finances to help the town rebuild, he wanted to find a way to help restore a sense of security and pride to the local people. So, in addition to giving funds to rebuild the local synagogue, Mr. Eliyahu commissioned a new Torah to replace the one that was destroyed. Sacred Torah scrolls are not mass-produced items; each one must be painstakingly written by hand on special parchment paper. Yoram Eliyahu found a particularly esteemed writer to do the work, resulting in a new SeferTorah the people could be proud of.

Philanthropy at Home

Closer to his present home, Yoram Eliyahu and his family are involved in several charitable organizations. They assist their local Chabad center in Kings Point and also the Flushing Chabad center. Both Chabad chapters deliver holiday meals to those in need, provide education to local children, and encourage spiritual development. Because he has found great personal meaning in his spiritual practices, Yoram enjoys the opportunity to help other people discover a connection with something greater than themselves.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Yoram Eliyahu: More AboutChabad

YoramEliyahu first became familiar with Chabad when he was serving his three-year term with the Israeli military. Far from home, Yoram and his fellow soldiers were cheered and comforted by local Chabad members.They dedicated time to provide special holiday food, songs, and entertainment to troops in their area. Yoram grew up in a traditional Jewish home and was impressed with the work Chabad did to aid and encourage soldiers and others to maintain and even begin traditional Jewish practices. Having special holiday celebrations, even when he was not able to be home with his family meant a great deal to Yoram.

When Yoram made the decision to move to the United States, he remembered all that Chabad had done for him when he was a solider.He decided to visit a local center near his new hometown. The Chabad center in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY happened to be hosting a wine blessing ceremony performedby Rabbi LubavitchMenachem Mendel Schneerson. After personally meeting Rabbi Schneerson, Yoram was so impressed by the leader’s kindness that he decided to get more involved with the organization. Currently,Yoram is involved with many charitable activities through both his local Chabad and a nearby Chabad in a high-needs area.

The name “Chabad” is an acronym for the Hebrew words “Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge” and these concepts are at the heart of their teachings and good works. Chabad is one of the largest Hasidic Jewish movements in the world. There are Chabad centers in more than 1,000 cities worldwide, serving communities in 75 countries. In addition to their work providing comfort and traditional activities to Jewish soldiers, Chabad is involved innumerous other charitable activities. They havesleep away camps for children and excellent schools such as the one the children of YoramEliyahuattend.They also help interested people learn more about Judaism.

Charitable Service

One charitable Chabad activity that Yoram Eliyahu and his entire family is involved with is providing food to needy families who would like to celebrate Jewish holidays.Some may not be able to afford all the traditional foods that make each holiday special. Members of local Chabad centers identify families in their community who need help, then assemble and deliver boxes of foods and items traditional ceremonial items. Yorambelieves it is very important for him to do more than just give a portion of the money he earns as a successful real estate entrepreneur. He wishes to teach his children to grow up to help their own local communities.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Yoram Eliyahu

Yoram Eliyahu understands the intricacies of real estate. Successful real estate developments or simple residential transactions depend on personal trust. The real estate business is very personal, and people share similar outlooks with sympathetic agents.

A political activist, Yoram has been very active in Jewish causes. Although known for major developments that include a beachfront hotel in Miami, Yoram supports Israeli causes. Yoram also believes strongly in education, both traditional and classic Hebrew.

The activist works tirelessly in his native Great Neck, New York, and surrounding communities. The North Shore Hebrew Academy has served as a central educational institution about Jewish history. The Academy opened in 1954 and started a high school division for local youth in 2001.

The school opened to educate young Jews in Hebrew and other aspects of Jewish life. The high school proved so successful that the directors commissioned building a new wing. Yoram strongly favors Jewish education, so he donated a Sefer Torah when the new wing opened.

The gift serves as one of the 12 scrolls that the Academy still uses. Yoram's children attend the Academy, and the real estate activist continues to support it. Yoram Eliyahu has supported many charitable organizations throughout his adult life. Giving back to the Jewish community helps keep important traditions alive in a technological age.

The Jewish Outreach Organization Chabad

Chabad operates worldwide to provide activities for Jews through community centers, schools, synagogues, and camps. The organization has ties with over 3,600 institutions in 1,000 different cities and 70 countries. Yoram first encountered the organization while serving a three-year term in the Israeli army. The organization provided special food and drink during holidays to boost soldiers' morale.

While visiting Brooklyn, Yoram encountered Chabad again in Crown Heights. Lucky to attend a wine-blessing ceremony, Yoram found inspiration. Rabbi Lubavitch Menachem Mendel Schneerson presided over the moving ceremony, and Yoram met him. Rabbi Schneerson's kindness impressed Yoram deeply, and he returns for every wine-blessing ceremony.

Charity begins at home, but the community plays an important role, especially in Jewish culture. Yoram actively encourages and supports the educational and outreach programs of Chabad. The Kings Point Chabad serves Yoram and his family, and they volunteer at Chabad of Flushing. The Flushing chapter sponsors a food charity that Yoram actively supports. Yoram's family participates by delivering food to needy families in New York.

Biography of an Israeli Activist

Born in Kirat-Shmona, a small town in northern Israel, Yoram grew up in a hard-working family. One of five children, Yoram learned family values and the importance of honest labor. Family life followed Israeli traditions, and the family patriarch worked in construction.

At age 14, Yoram attended Bezek High School where he studied electronics and telecommunications. After graduation, Yoram studied for an additional two years to gain a subengineering degree. Education completed, the Israeli student joined the Army for his required three-year service.

Once the service to Israel had been completed, Yoram immigrated to America. Yoram Eliyahu has worked in many trades, and his broad education works well in real estate. Native of a small Israeli village in the mountains, Yoram supports Jewish activism in many forms.

Yoram believes that philanthropy and charity should provide essential education to preserve Jewish culture. Events in Yoram's life have influenced his attitudes toward helping the community. Some important projects that Yoram supports include the following:

· Project to feed the hungry.
· Helping rebuild hometown synagogue.

Help to Rebuild Damaged Synagogue

A small synagogue in Yoram's hometown, Kirat-Shmona, received major damage during Israel's war with Lebanon. Yoram felt obliged to help rebuild the facility and help boost congregational morale. Yoram decided to donate a new Torah as a special gesture. Torahs have special significance in Jewish culture and religious practice.

Yoram researched the matter carefully to ensure the Torah met religious conditions. A special writer called a sofer must handwrite the Torah on select parchment paper. Yoram took responsibility to find a qualified writer to handle this labor of love. The synagogue still uses the Torah that Yoram donated.

Real Estate Developer Yoram Eliyahu Aids the Hungry

Yoram Eliyahu supports Chabad's Food-In-Need Project that helps feed over 300 families. The organization helps Jewish families during holidays by furnishing meals. Deliveries consist of chicken, meat, fruit, vegetables and bread to feed families throughout New York.

The Flushing chapter of Chabad sponsors the program, and Yoram contributes financially and personally. The whole family participates in delivering food door to door during the holidays. This kind of personal commitment helps children learn how giving back helps people cope with adversity.

Real Estate and Personal Trust

Real estate agents and developers often stress the importance of location for successful investing in property. Working in Jewish communities, Yoram concentrates on projects in Israel, New York, and Florida. The projects not only meet favorable-location criteria but also promote the preservation of Jewish culture.

Real estate investment invariably has ups and downs, but long-term appreciation almost always occurs. When investments uphold personal beliefs, people get tremendous satisfaction from investing in these worthy projects. Real estate offers solid ways to build wealth, especially when investors trust their partners.

Working with established professional developers offers many advantages. Experienced real estate specialists understand market fluctuations and keep inexperienced investors from making costly mistakes. Emotions often cause people to lose money because they panic when the market becomes volatile. The real estate meltdown serves to illustrate the point. Panic selling of mortgages and investments aggravated the crisis, causing real estate values to plummet.

The foreclosures and resulting decreases in property values create great opportunities for investors. Low interest rates offer even more incentives for investing at this particular time. Investors who buy property to rent enjoy higher rental rates driven by demand for suitable rentals.

Personal trust in property developers adds special incentives for making commitments to real estate investing. Yoram has always demonstrated a passionate faithfulness to Jewish culture and community charity. The current investment climate offers astonishing benefits for choosing long-term real estate for balanced portfolios.

Real estate developer Yoram Eliyahu has vast experience in promoting property that benefits the Jewish community. Yoram Eliyahu's dedication to Jewish culture and education serve as inspirations for the younger generation. Yoram supports causes in Israel, New York, and Florida, and investments help economies in those areas. Yoram Eliyahu and family practice their faith with committed activism investors can trust.