Friday, 21 December 2012

Yoram Eliyahu: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Yoram Eliyahu has come a long wayfrom the tiny town of Kirat-Shmona, Israel, where he was raised. But, despite his success in the United States, he has never lost the connection with his humble roots. One of the things he finds so rewarding about his career as a real estate developer is that it allows him to contribute to charitable causes in the United States and in his hometown.

After earning a sub engineering degree, he completing his three years of obligatory service in the Israeli army. Yoram then immigrated to the United States. He took several entry-level jobs, looking for something that sparked his interests and would allow him to move up the ladder. He began working at a real estate company, learned the ropes, and began working his way up.This lead him to become the successful commercial real estate developer he is today. Mr. Eliyahu credits his family upbringing and his faith for his success.These influences also compel him to give back to the communities who have made him who he is today.

When his hometown suffered devastating destruction during the Lebanon War of 2006, Yoram knew he had to help. Instead of simply donating finances to help the town rebuild, he wanted to find a way to help restore a sense of security and pride to the local people. So, in addition to giving funds to rebuild the local synagogue, Mr. Eliyahu commissioned a new Torah to replace the one that was destroyed. Sacred Torah scrolls are not mass-produced items; each one must be painstakingly written by hand on special parchment paper. Yoram Eliyahu found a particularly esteemed writer to do the work, resulting in a new SeferTorah the people could be proud of.

Philanthropy at Home

Closer to his present home, Yoram Eliyahu and his family are involved in several charitable organizations. They assist their local Chabad center in Kings Point and also the Flushing Chabad center. Both Chabad chapters deliver holiday meals to those in need, provide education to local children, and encourage spiritual development. Because he has found great personal meaning in his spiritual practices, Yoram enjoys the opportunity to help other people discover a connection with something greater than themselves.

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