Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Yoram Eliyahu: More AboutChabad

YoramEliyahu first became familiar with Chabad when he was serving his three-year term with the Israeli military. Far from home, Yoram and his fellow soldiers were cheered and comforted by local Chabad members.They dedicated time to provide special holiday food, songs, and entertainment to troops in their area. Yoram grew up in a traditional Jewish home and was impressed with the work Chabad did to aid and encourage soldiers and others to maintain and even begin traditional Jewish practices. Having special holiday celebrations, even when he was not able to be home with his family meant a great deal to Yoram.

When Yoram made the decision to move to the United States, he remembered all that Chabad had done for him when he was a solider.He decided to visit a local center near his new hometown. The Chabad center in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY happened to be hosting a wine blessing ceremony performedby Rabbi LubavitchMenachem Mendel Schneerson. After personally meeting Rabbi Schneerson, Yoram was so impressed by the leader’s kindness that he decided to get more involved with the organization. Currently,Yoram is involved with many charitable activities through both his local Chabad and a nearby Chabad in a high-needs area.

The name “Chabad” is an acronym for the Hebrew words “Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge” and these concepts are at the heart of their teachings and good works. Chabad is one of the largest Hasidic Jewish movements in the world. There are Chabad centers in more than 1,000 cities worldwide, serving communities in 75 countries. In addition to their work providing comfort and traditional activities to Jewish soldiers, Chabad is involved innumerous other charitable activities. They havesleep away camps for children and excellent schools such as the one the children of YoramEliyahuattend.They also help interested people learn more about Judaism.

Charitable Service

One charitable Chabad activity that Yoram Eliyahu and his entire family is involved with is providing food to needy families who would like to celebrate Jewish holidays.Some may not be able to afford all the traditional foods that make each holiday special. Members of local Chabad centers identify families in their community who need help, then assemble and deliver boxes of foods and items traditional ceremonial items. Yorambelieves it is very important for him to do more than just give a portion of the money he earns as a successful real estate entrepreneur. He wishes to teach his children to grow up to help their own local communities.

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