Friday, 28 December 2012

Yoram Eliyahu: Early Life

Yoram Eliyahu’s early life helpedhim become the man he is today.  He was born in the small town of Kirat-Shmona, in the mountains of northern Israel. Yoram’s father was a construction worker who taught him the value of a strong work ethic. As one of five siblings, Yoram enjoyed childhood in a big family that worked hard and loved each other. Today he is pleased to carry on the meaningful traditions he grew up with.

Growing up in this small town gave him a special sense of community. Not long ago, he learned that Kirat-Shmona’s synagogue had been badly damaged by missile fire during Israel’s 2006 conflict with Lebanon. As a successful real estate investor, Yoram was in a unique position to help. Though he was living in the U.S., he immediately sent funds to his hometown to help rebuild the synagogue. He also commissioned the creation of a new Sefer Torah, a handwritten copy of the sacred scriptures. Once the Sefer Torah was completed, he took greats pains to ensure that it was delivered safely to its new home. The Sefer Torah is a source of pride in the community and is still in use today.

When he was 14, Yoram’s parents sent him to Bezek High School. At this boarding school he had the opportunity to benefit from the curriculum’s focus on electronics and communication. After graduation, he attained a two-year degree in in sub-engineering. Next it was time for him to serve his mandatory three-year term in the Israeli military. It was here that he first encountered Chabad. As a solider far from home during the holidays, his spirits were liftedby the organization, which helps soldiers celebrate traditional Jewish holidays. Meals with the organization’s members were a special time. YoramEliyahu and his fellow soldiers enjoyed the celebrations and rituals the organization hosted.

Big Move

After his military service, Yoram Eliyahu moved to the United States. He carried with him all the lessons he learned at home. He sought out a local Chabad and continues to enjoy being part of the community he found there. After a few entry-level jobs, Yoram began work with a real estate company. He began with a sales position and then worked his way up to become a successful independent commercial real estate developer. Yoram manages property in Florida, New York, and Israel, striving in all places to enhance communities.

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