Monday, 31 December 2012

Yoram Eliyahu: Value of Education

YoramEliyahu considers education one of the most vital tools in life. His commitment to education stems from personal experience in how it benefitted him. His work with Chabad also strengthened his love of education. The word “Chabad” is an acronym of the Hebrew words for wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. These attributes are highly valued in this Jewish tradition, and must be cultivated through a strong education. As such, Yoram supports local schools efforts toward teaching the next generation.

Yoramfinds the North Shore Hebrew Academy in Great Neck, New York particularly important. This school has benefited from much of Yoram’s philanthropic work. It is also the school his children attend. The school is a modern yeshiva thatteachsprechool through high school.  The elementary school was founded in 1954 and has offered an excellent foundational education to several generations.
In 2001, North Shore Hebrew Academy opened a high school campus. This campus proved to be extremely popular thanks to its award-winning science, engineering, and writing programs.  Students at the school have earned awards in the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, Advanced Placement awards, and Scholastic Art and Writing awards. They have also been finalists and semifinalists in the Intel Science Talent Search. Additionally, they are highly competitive in areas of Hebrew study such as the regional ChidonTanach Competition, the Yeshiva University Stock Market Competition, and the Holland & Knight National Holocaust Essay Contest.

Within a few years, the high school had grown so much that they needed to build a new wing.  In 2006 they completed construction on a state-of-the-art new wing to continue their tradition of excellence.  In addition to contributing to the building fund, Yoram Eliyahu commissioned the crafting of a Sefer Torah for the school. The Sefer Torah is currently in use in the North Shore Hebrew Academy High School.

Community Service

Another thing Yoram Eliyahu values about education is its ability to broaden horizons. Heis pleased that the North Shore Hebrew Academy offers many travel opportunities to students in the upper grades. Each high school senior is encouraged to take a trip to Israel and Poland through the March of the Living program. This is a special opportunity for the Jewish students to see and experience their history firsthand. Yoram finds it particularly meaningful because Israel is also where he was born and grew up. He is glad to see students discover how culturally rich his home country is.

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