Tuesday, 1 January 2013

YoramEliyahu - Feed Local Chabad Work

YoramEliyahu believes that our choices affect people around us,regardless of our intentions. The Torah teaches that one’s income is only partly ours. It is meant to not just meet our own needs, but to serve the needs of others. We have a moral obligation to care for each other. This belief compels Yoram to do good works in his immediate community, nearby communities, and throughout the world. He does so through his business practices, charitable giving, and by getting himself and his family out on the streets helping others.

Yoram has contributedto many causes. He donated funds to help rebuild the synagogue in his Israeli hometown when it was destroyed by missile fire. Additionally, in order to encourage the people and meet their spiritual needs, he commissioned aSefer Torah and ensured its safe delivery to the town. Closer to his current home in New York, Yoramgave generously to the building of a state-of-the-art new wing to the North Shore Hebrew Academy’s high school. He also commissioned a Sefer Torah for their facility. Yoram does these things because he feels blessed by the success he had had as a commercial real estate developer. He wants to share that blessing with others while encouraging the teaching of values that instruct others to do the same.

One of the projects dearest to his heart is the workChabad houses near him do in his community and in neighboring communities. Not content to just help with the charitable works of his local Chabad, Yoram also assists a nearby Chabad in a less affluent neighborhood. Through the Chabad, he raises funds to assist the needy. However, giving money is not enough. He believes it is essential to do personal work as well. He and his family help with projects such as creating boxes of food to distribute to families in need during the holidays. YoramEliyahu and his children then help deliver these gifts door to door, in person.

Jewish Activism

YoramEliyahu believes that preserving traditional Jewish culture and teaching the ancient ways is very important. This is why he has given to his hometown synagogue, commissioned the creation of two Sefer Torah, and gives to the yeshiva in his community. As a child, Yoramenjoyed growing up in a large, traditional family in Israel. As a young adult, he found comfort and purpose from the holiday ceremonies and fun activities provided by Chabad. When he immigrated to the United States, he again found community in Chabad. Now he wants others to experience those special things.Heconducts his business and personal life in a way that serves others and affirms faith and family.

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