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Yoram Eliyahu

Yoram Eliyahu understands the intricacies of real estate. Successful real estate developments or simple residential transactions depend on personal trust. The real estate business is very personal, and people share similar outlooks with sympathetic agents.

A political activist, Yoram has been very active in Jewish causes. Although known for major developments that include a beachfront hotel in Miami, Yoram supports Israeli causes. Yoram also believes strongly in education, both traditional and classic Hebrew.

The activist works tirelessly in his native Great Neck, New York, and surrounding communities. The North Shore Hebrew Academy has served as a central educational institution about Jewish history. The Academy opened in 1954 and started a high school division for local youth in 2001.

The school opened to educate young Jews in Hebrew and other aspects of Jewish life. The high school proved so successful that the directors commissioned building a new wing. Yoram strongly favors Jewish education, so he donated a Sefer Torah when the new wing opened.

The gift serves as one of the 12 scrolls that the Academy still uses. Yoram's children attend the Academy, and the real estate activist continues to support it. Yoram Eliyahu has supported many charitable organizations throughout his adult life. Giving back to the Jewish community helps keep important traditions alive in a technological age.

The Jewish Outreach Organization Chabad

Chabad operates worldwide to provide activities for Jews through community centers, schools, synagogues, and camps. The organization has ties with over 3,600 institutions in 1,000 different cities and 70 countries. Yoram first encountered the organization while serving a three-year term in the Israeli army. The organization provided special food and drink during holidays to boost soldiers' morale.

While visiting Brooklyn, Yoram encountered Chabad again in Crown Heights. Lucky to attend a wine-blessing ceremony, Yoram found inspiration. Rabbi Lubavitch Menachem Mendel Schneerson presided over the moving ceremony, and Yoram met him. Rabbi Schneerson's kindness impressed Yoram deeply, and he returns for every wine-blessing ceremony.

Charity begins at home, but the community plays an important role, especially in Jewish culture. Yoram actively encourages and supports the educational and outreach programs of Chabad. The Kings Point Chabad serves Yoram and his family, and they volunteer at Chabad of Flushing. The Flushing chapter sponsors a food charity that Yoram actively supports. Yoram's family participates by delivering food to needy families in New York.

Biography of an Israeli Activist

Born in Kirat-Shmona, a small town in northern Israel, Yoram grew up in a hard-working family. One of five children, Yoram learned family values and the importance of honest labor. Family life followed Israeli traditions, and the family patriarch worked in construction.

At age 14, Yoram attended Bezek High School where he studied electronics and telecommunications. After graduation, Yoram studied for an additional two years to gain a subengineering degree. Education completed, the Israeli student joined the Army for his required three-year service.

Once the service to Israel had been completed, Yoram immigrated to America. Yoram Eliyahu has worked in many trades, and his broad education works well in real estate. Native of a small Israeli village in the mountains, Yoram supports Jewish activism in many forms.

Yoram believes that philanthropy and charity should provide essential education to preserve Jewish culture. Events in Yoram's life have influenced his attitudes toward helping the community. Some important projects that Yoram supports include the following:

· Project to feed the hungry.
· Helping rebuild hometown synagogue.

Help to Rebuild Damaged Synagogue

A small synagogue in Yoram's hometown, Kirat-Shmona, received major damage during Israel's war with Lebanon. Yoram felt obliged to help rebuild the facility and help boost congregational morale. Yoram decided to donate a new Torah as a special gesture. Torahs have special significance in Jewish culture and religious practice.

Yoram researched the matter carefully to ensure the Torah met religious conditions. A special writer called a sofer must handwrite the Torah on select parchment paper. Yoram took responsibility to find a qualified writer to handle this labor of love. The synagogue still uses the Torah that Yoram donated.

Real Estate Developer Yoram Eliyahu Aids the Hungry

Yoram Eliyahu supports Chabad's Food-In-Need Project that helps feed over 300 families. The organization helps Jewish families during holidays by furnishing meals. Deliveries consist of chicken, meat, fruit, vegetables and bread to feed families throughout New York.

The Flushing chapter of Chabad sponsors the program, and Yoram contributes financially and personally. The whole family participates in delivering food door to door during the holidays. This kind of personal commitment helps children learn how giving back helps people cope with adversity.

Real Estate and Personal Trust

Real estate agents and developers often stress the importance of location for successful investing in property. Working in Jewish communities, Yoram concentrates on projects in Israel, New York, and Florida. The projects not only meet favorable-location criteria but also promote the preservation of Jewish culture.

Real estate investment invariably has ups and downs, but long-term appreciation almost always occurs. When investments uphold personal beliefs, people get tremendous satisfaction from investing in these worthy projects. Real estate offers solid ways to build wealth, especially when investors trust their partners.

Working with established professional developers offers many advantages. Experienced real estate specialists understand market fluctuations and keep inexperienced investors from making costly mistakes. Emotions often cause people to lose money because they panic when the market becomes volatile. The real estate meltdown serves to illustrate the point. Panic selling of mortgages and investments aggravated the crisis, causing real estate values to plummet.

The foreclosures and resulting decreases in property values create great opportunities for investors. Low interest rates offer even more incentives for investing at this particular time. Investors who buy property to rent enjoy higher rental rates driven by demand for suitable rentals.

Personal trust in property developers adds special incentives for making commitments to real estate investing. Yoram has always demonstrated a passionate faithfulness to Jewish culture and community charity. The current investment climate offers astonishing benefits for choosing long-term real estate for balanced portfolios.

Real estate developer Yoram Eliyahu has vast experience in promoting property that benefits the Jewish community. Yoram Eliyahu's dedication to Jewish culture and education serve as inspirations for the younger generation. Yoram supports causes in Israel, New York, and Florida, and investments help economies in those areas. Yoram Eliyahu and family practice their faith with committed activism investors can trust.

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